Salesforce 2 Factor Authentication App

Your identification is your fingertips

No need to remember complicated passwords or carry around physical keys,
enjoy additional security without any hassle
Video is in process and soon will be available.



Get to Salesforce faster and more secure with RHEA! From now on you don’t need to hold complicated passwords in your memory or keep your keys in the pocket. Your fingerprint - is the identification to keep in touch with your cloud business .

RHEA Authenticator is an easy way to secure sensitive data stored on your Salesforce organization by leveraging Login Flow capabilities and fingerprint identification software on your mobile phone.

How it works

STEP 1 — Log into SalesForce

  1. Use a web browser. Open SalesForce login page to enter your user credentials and press Log in.
  2. Get notified by an invitation to proceed with login on your mobile.

STEP 2 – Verify identity with Authenticator for SalesForce app

  1. Enter your RHEA app. Tap on the “key” button to get your personal system key.
  2. Put the tip of your finger on the sign of fingerprint.
  3. Within 25 seconds get back to the browser and finish the procedure.

STEP 3 – Back to SalesForce and enjoy your work

  1. Press “next” in you browser window to enter the entire SalesForce program.
  2. If you see SalesForce interface - congrats! You may start using your cloud office.

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